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2 Aug 2017

Hadassa Yeshurun: In Israel we pray for an independent Kurdistan

Hadassa Yeshurun: In Israel we pray for an independent Kurdistan.

Israeli singer of Kurdish origin Hadassa Yeshrun. Photo courtesy of Yeshrun
Israeli singer of Kurdish origin Hadassa Yeshrun says she has plans to record a new song in support of Kurdistan’s quest for independence and she still dreams of coming and performing Live in the capital Erbil. She says she wants to hold a Kurdish passport once Kurdistan is a state.

Hadassa sings in Hebrew and Kurdish. She acknowledges the influence of the Kurdish culture and music on her music. She has appeared in Kurdish dresses and supporting the Kurdish Peshmerga forces with her music has featured greatly in her recent work.

Her music has made her popular among Jews who migrated to Israel from different parts of Kurdistan, she says, and that they all pray for an independent Kurdish state. Hadassa says that her Israeli friends love Kurdistan and they encourage and applaud her work too.

Rudaw’s art reporter Darbaz Younis conducted this interview with Hadassa.

How did you think of recording a song in Kurdish?

We are originally Kurdish, but we have been living in Israel for a long time. We are Kurdish Jews. My family always say that my great-grand-father came here from Kurdistan.

You are often seen in Kurdish dresses. What do the Israelis say about Kurdish fashion?

I love wearing Kurdish clothes. I’ve decided to wear it in most of my concerts and performances. I’ve Israeli friends who find my clothes impressive. Some of them have asked to have them and they too wear Kurdish clothes from time to time.

You recorded a song for the Peshmerga. How was it received?

That song was well-received, especially by the Kurdish people. I would see how they shared it on social media which was an honor to me. I intend to record a song for Kurdish independence in the near future too. It in the works and will soon come out.

How do people in Israel see your work for Kurdistan?

There is something that I must say and it is that my Israeli friends consider themselves friends and fans of the Kurds. They always support and encourage me. And recording a song for Kurdish independence was at the suggestion of one of my friends. If Kurdistan becomes a state I want to have a Kurdish passport. In Israel we do pray for an independent Kurdistan.

You have few original Kurdish songs and rather redo other singers’ work. Also you mainly do Live performances.

That’s true. Because of my life and work I may not be able to dedicate all my time to music. But I sing at all Kurdish events in Israel in addition to other events. And at every concert I try to sing something for Kurdistan. Now I’m working on some original work of my own and I hope they come out in a near future.

How come you haven’t visited Kurdistan yet given all your love for the place?

I would really love to, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I’ve always said it and will say it again, that I dream of coming for a Live performance in the capital of Kurdistan and dedicate it to the Peshmerga or those Kurdish refugees forced out by the ISIS war.

How is your relations with the Kurds of Israel?

I’ve very good relations. Because of my music and concerts they all know me. I’ve friends among them.

How about with Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan?

I’ve some friends in Sulaimani and Erbil. And people always send me messages and comments and thank me. But some of them write in Kurdish and unfortunately I don’t understand them.

How come you haven’t learned Kurdish yet and you sing Kurdish?

I know a few words, like: Choni Bashi? Slaw, Khoshim Dawey (I love you), but they are basic words. I hope to learn Kurdish. You know that you learn a language through interaction and unfortunately here in Israel we don’t have such interactions.

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