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2 Aug 2017

The 2014.08.03 genocide against yazidi.

The 2014.08.03 genocide against yazidi.
Masoud Barzani has participated in genocide against Yazidi in 2014.08.03
Turkey who supported ISIS has participated in genocide against the Yazidi people.

This date muhammad rasul allah soldiers called the Islamic state isis the Islamic brutal terror organization from Mosul began attacking Shengal at the time there were more than 20000 Peshmerga with strong weapons Tank and many other weapons Masoud Barzani Called Peshmerga Home and handed shengel to Isis the brutal Terrorist Islamists. Everyone who was a member of Masoud Barzani Party left Shengal, Senjar and Telafar and Shexan.
When Isis started killing Yazidi's family and raped Yazidi girls also kidnapped more than 5,000 girls between 10 years old and 34 years old.
Ypg from Rojava Western Kurdistan sent its forces to defend Shengals residents after the Kurdish workers party sent their forces to defend Yazidi who fled to Shengal's mountains.
Then there isis stopped by pkk and ypg off shengal's mountains when isis could not proceed to kill yazidi who fled to shengal's mountains.
Then Isis could kill more than 20000 yazidi older and younger who said no to become Muslims. Yazidi Isis said they had two alternatives in front of them to choose between death and life. If a yazidi would say no to Islam then he or she should wait to be killed Islamists if a yazidi said yes to Islam then could live.
We actually condemn the attack on our dear and beloved people yazidi of Islamic sick brutal terrorists who called themselves Mohammad Rasul Allah soldiers.
Sincerely, Samuel Kermashani

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